Got ideas brewing, but  need help unpacking and structuring them? Retain an ideas coach.

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What is a thought

Thought leaders are known for simplifying the complex, debunking myths and having a unique view on a particular subject.

But many experts get "lost" in their niche. They struggle to tell a story that reaches a wider audience. These experts need a nudge on their path to thought leadership.

In ten weeks of private coaching and writing support, Rhea Wessel, a professional writer and educator, will help you find and hone your message to launch your journey to thought leadership. You will articulate your niche, create your own intellectual property, and develop stories around your ideas.

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You are an independent business owner, an entrepreneur or an exective who wants to advance your career in a large organization.


Together with you, we explore your expertise, hone your message and develop your proprietary collateral and intellectual property (IP).

Then we execute on pieces of writing you can publish, while helping you develop the tools you need on your journey to thought leadership.


Your first consultation is free. Rhea will learn about your thought-leadership goals and propose a coaching plan. 

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Some people have a life coach, a business coach, a sales coach and even a book coach.


These are all useful forms of coaching for people who want to make changes and improvements in these areas.


But few people have an ideas coach.

I’m here to say that ideas coaching can be among the most valuable coaching you will ever receive.

What does an ideas coach do?

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