In addition to our workshops, we offer:

Editorial Services

  • Interactive story-finding sessions

  • Article writing

  • Editing

  • Study development and study writing

  • Book concept and book proposal evaluation & development

  • Research

  • Speechwriting

  • Ghostblogging

  • Ghostwriting

  • On-camera interviews that present you as an expert in your subject area


Intellectual Property Development

  • Development of your methodology – e.g. 5 Steps to …, 7 Laws of…

  • Support in the visualization of your ideas

  • Research design


Consulting for companies and organizations

  • Advising on and development of your company’s thought leadership program

  • Thought-leadership content audits

  • Support in finding your company’s thought-leadership niche

  • Editorial calendar development

  • Positioning, messaging and differentiation

  • Advising on and execution of a ghostwriting program


Coaching for executives and individuals

  • Coaching for division heads and C-level executives: How to distinguish yourself and your company as thought leaders

  • Coaching series for individuals: The “10 Weeks to Thought Leadership” Program. More.

  • Book coaching


Keynote speaking 

  • Inspirational speaking on how to become a thought leader


Through our partners:

  • Layout and design – print and web

  • Image research

  • Book design

  • Consulting on self-publishing or through a traditional publisher

  • Social media strategy development – with a focus on story quality

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