Agreement between individual coaching clients and Rhea Wessel

 For us, a key to a trusting and effective working relationship is transparency and open communication.  

Please take a look at our following terms and conditions—and then let’s agree!  

Our intention is to make things simple so we both can focus on the things we do best.  


By signing this agreement, we agree to mutual confidentiality – Rhea and her coaches will not share any of your information outside of the team of coaches who serve you. We request the same of you, please do not share any information – written or otherwise – related to the business or ideas of Rhea and her coaches without express, written consent.  


All sessions are recorded for the client and for team coaching purposes. In most cases, we will forward a link to the recording right after the session is over. These recordings are confidential and never to be released, shared or published by either party unless the other has given prior written consent. 

 Social media use: 

Rhea and her team may occasionally want to use snippets from these recordings of our work together for social media. Both parties agree not to publish any snippets of work online without the prior written (email) consent of the other.  


Advice by Rhea Wessel and her team of coaches is general in nature. You agree to release Rhea Wessel and her dba, The Institute for Thought Leadership, as well as her associates and representatives, from any and all liability. 


Rhea and her team of coaches/editors/writers typically work as ghostwriters and advisors. We agree that writers will not get a byline for any of their writing, unless it is expressly agreed in writing that a writer will get a byline for a particular piece of written work.   


For most clients, payment for coaching, editorial and other services from Rhea and her coaches will be done in advance via  

Prices are set in U.S. dollars.

We accept U.S. dollars and euros. If you would like a payment link in euros, please let us know. 

For purchases in euros, please note that we must charge the current VAT rate in Germany.  

When payment is rejected, you’ll need to take care of payment before your session proceeds by providing another credit card. 


If you reschedule under 12 hours in advance of your appointment, you will be charged 50% of the fee, unless otherwise agreed in writing. 

Package expiration

Packages of coaching expire six months after purchase, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Force Majeure

Neither party shall be liable for any delays in performance hereunder due to circumstances beyond their control including, but not limited to, acts of nature or acts of governments. 


All scheduling is done directly with your coach via their scheduling link. Please do not email your coach to schedule unless absolutely necessary.  

Document management: 

All private documents related to our work together will be stored in our private client space, which is being designed. 

Your coach will provide you with a link to the space. 

When working with other coaches other than Rhea: 

Rhea Wessel runs this offering as a matchmaking service. Each coach is an independent business person. If you find you do not work well with your coach, please message us to explore other options.  

As mentioned, Rhea’s team of coaches are all freelancers running their own businesses. Unfortunately, if you're not happy with the service of a coach, writer or editor, we cannot offer you a refund for work already done.