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Experts are the core of the knowledge economy, and as a knowledge or ideas-based company, yours is stock full of them.


But are your experts enabled experts? Are they sharing their ideas in writing in ways that make them accessible to the global audience you already have, for instance on LinkedIn? 

We have seen it over and over again: Experts with great ideas and solutions for pressing problems are not being heard because of academic and salesy writing, while people with little expertise hog the microphone. Go figure.

At the Institute for Thought Leadership, we’re out to flip this dynamic on its head. We want to empower your experts – your entire workforce – to become thought leaders.

Introducing the Write Like a Thought Leader workshops that take your experts through the three steps to thought-leadership writing:

Our Services


​True thought leaders know how to tap into their audience’s hearts and minds – and use their inspiration and insights to influence society and business at large.


The Write like a Thought Leader workshops are a unique series that enables your best minds to articulate themselves like thought leaders.

Story Clinic

The Story Clinic is our spot for helping you and your company's experts doctor individual stories, such as articles you are writing for LinkedIn.  We do it with:

  • A storyline health check

  • Feedback on structure

  • Suggestions for language use


Our sessions via Zoom help you improve a particular story from a structural and writerly point of view. Our goal is to help you find the freshest angle to tell the story.

Editorial Services

​Our workshops will not only help subject-matter experts improve their writing, they will help your experts generate new ideas for the business. 

But then what?


Our editorial services are designed to help you put the finishing touches on your writing and create new intellectual property out of your newly generated ideas.

About Us

About Us

The Institute for Thought Leadership was founded by Rhea Wessel in 2019 and builds on decades of journalism and content creation expertise.

The vision is to enable thought leaders by giving them story craft and writing tools to express their own ideas and intellectual property (IP) to a global audience. Most companies have rich ideas and expertise that are not being tapped and put to use because of broken content-creation processes involving publicists and copywriters.

When subject-matter experts are enabled to share their best ideas, businesses flourish and can continually reinvent themselves.

By disintermediating the content business, Rhea and her creative team seek to accelerate the spread of valuable knowledge, solutions and ideas - connecting more answers that are already out there to more of the big problems faced by business and society.

Our Clients




Financial Services

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"I liked the mix between theory and then diving right into practicing and using what we just learned, which is for me the best way to do it."


                                                        -Stephanie Huhn


Watch an interview with your host, Rhea Wessel

Dozens of financial analysts have attended the Write Like a Thought Leader workshops.

Will your company be next? 

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Turn your experts into thought leaders. 

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