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Sales & Support Team


Alma Quiroga

Story Professional

Sales region: Americas

Alma Quiroga is a business storytelling consultant with seven years of B2B experience working to shape the communication, presentation, empathy and storytelling skills of decision-makers in Latin America and the US.


Her work encompasses long-term organizational change projects, workshops and events that use a storytelling lens to promote cultural change, inclusivity, emotional intelligence and more.


She is passionate about empowering leaders and experts to connect with their organizational Story to employ narrative intelligence as they shape the conversation in their respective fields.


Stefanie Nürnberger

Content Support

Stefanie has worked in marketing and communications for more than eight years - in large corporations, startups and as a freelancer. She loves ideas and concepts and loves to read lots of different works

on different topics from inspiring writers and thinkers. She also loves to use that input to connect dots and create her own concepts and stories. That’s what drives her and what she wants to share with others.


James McCabe

Co-Instructor & Writer 

Sales Region: Europe

In 2008, James McCabe began applying the principles of classical story design from the arts and media world to the complex challenges faced by today's disrupted corporate players.


He counsels a wide range of global and local businesses, from start-up to SME and MNC levels.


James is an award-winning poet with an Oxford doctorate in literature and many years' experience as a national columnist in Europe. 


Natalia Skoczylas

Content and Marketing Support

Natalia is a political scientist and journalist by training with experience in NGOs, not-for-profit companies, international institutions (UNDP), museums, artistic events and educational institutions in Asia and Europe.

She has worked as a project manager, community mobilizer/manager and researcher for a collective intelligence company for more than six years.

Parallel to that, she works as an artist, producer, curator, journalist and writer.

She is passionate about inequalities and redistribution of goods and their relation to human rights, environmental protection, developmental goals, globalization and justice.

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