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How Comms Professionals Can Turn Generative AI Into their Best Sidekick

Intro – Phase 1


  • Introductions

  • AI prompt crafting – Theory

  • Focus: Using AI within existing editorial processes

  • Q&A

Live Coaching – Phase 2

  • Live coaching with a team member to uncover editorial processes that may be improved by AI

  • Rhea interviews team member about existing processes and what needs to be improved

  • We tackle a process or a format, one by one

  • Ex. How can we repurpose certain materials with AI?

  • Ex. How can we simplify certain materials with AI?

  • Q&A

  • Harvest of the live coaching


Hands on - Phase 3

  • Use AI to solve a current problem in your workflow and report back to the group

Writing with AI – Interactive Workshop

Generative AI use models for comms teams:
  • Repurposing content

  • Generating more formats

  • Idea generation

  • Harvesting transcripts from audio or video recordings

Conference Room

Dozens of financial analysts and other experts have attended the Write Like a Thought Leader workshops.

Watch an interview with your host, Rhea Wessel


Rhea Wessel, the author of the upcoming book Write Like a Thought Leader, is on a mission to help subject-matter experts get their best ideas out to the world.

A US native based long-term in Germany, Rhea has decades of writing and research know-how across major industries and organizational areas. She has ghosted and written hundreds if not thousands of articles about finance, technology and business.

A graduate of Columbia University, Rhea's stories have been published in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, among other publications.  


"I learned the strategies to write a good article and how to convey my thoughts in a comprehensive way."

David Bimou, Co-Founder BIL Consulting

"Thanks again for a great workshop. I think you really got us going – thinking and writing!"

Gabrielle Staiger, Choreographer, Team-Building and Leadership Workshops

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