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How do you find the right story angle to interest and serve your reader? 

Good writing starts before the reporting, interviewing and writing.
It starts with

The Story-Framing System


Story framing is the process of looking “around” the subject matter to find a good angle, instead of staring the subject directly in the face.

By widening the scope of the idea, or narrowing it, or applying a trend from one place to a totally new area, you can find new and different story ideas.

The uniqueness of the angle is what will help you bring the idea forward and not repeat what has already been hashed out long ago.

The Story-Framing System is part of the three steps to thought-leadership writing.

To apply it, you will need to break down the problems faced by your audience. Your best stories will be about your unique ways to solve those problems.

Read my article “What is Story Framing” on my blog here

Here’s how
The Story-Framing System works

Figure1513_The 5-Step Story-Framing System_6x.png

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