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April 2022

Some people have a life coach, a business coach, a sales coach and even a book coach. These are all useful forms of coaching for people who want to make changes and improvements in these areas.

Ideas coaching is very similar to book coaching, but the approach in ideas coaching is more exploratory and open.

March 2022

When writing thought-leadership articles or books about solutions to pressing problems, you need to show that you understand problems at a deep level – the practical level, but also the meta level.

That’s why understanding motivations, intentions, key turning points (for instance in the project) and reversals is a good thing.

March 2022

Recently, I dreamt a very vivid scene.
I had a small red rental car and a remote control that was supposed to help me park the car while I stood outside.


The scene went on, but what struck me about it in the morning was how much of a scene it really was.

February 2022

Write Like a Thought Leader - Introducing The Story-Framing System

I’m proud to say that today my book is for sale on Amazon. It’s for subject-matter experts who have great ideas that need to be heard. It’s about shaping your ideas and forming them into a story that serves your audience and provides your expertise on your topic, work or research.

February 2022

Thought-leadership writing has a commercial intent, but it doesn’t have a salesy tone or character.

In “Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within,” Natalie Goldberg says that writers don’t need to lock up their best ideas and hold them back. Instead, we need to trust in ourselves that our great ideas can be put forth into the world and then, after they’ve been released, we’ll just have more great ideas.

January 2022

It is our responsibility as experts on a journey to thought leadership to contribute uniquely and authentically to the bigger conversation and do it in a way that makes it easy for general audiences to digest our thinking.

It’s not only good for you and your career prospects, it’s also good for society at large.

January 2022

Thought leadership is a term that has reached buzzword status and, as happens with buzzwords, it has gotten over-used and abused.

Thought leadership is about building trust with your audience. If you have click-baity headlines, then you break the trust.

Decemeber 2021

Finding the right frame for your story can drastically improve your writing about your business.


Story framing is one of the most important parts of good writing, but it’s one of the most overlooked. If story framing isn’t currently part of your content-creation process, don’t blame yourself. Frankly, it is also under-taught.

October 2021

Value is an ever-changing concept. Each industrial revolution from steam and electricity to automation and computing professed its own version of value.


Yet the nature of new value requires more than dry description. New business value deserves a gripping story to transport and share it. 

September 2021

How do you know if you have a big-idea book brewing inside of you?


Sometimes you have an idea for a book or article, but you're too close to it to know if it's a really good one.

February 2021

In many cases, subject-matter experts stuck in the academic style of writing produce stories that are uninspiring, or the writer states something that is very obvious and well known.

If you’re on to something good, and you know that your ideas about your niche subject are valuable – but you’re not reaching your audience – you need to approach the story in a different way. You need to find and tell the story like a journalist would. You need to write like a thought leader.

September 2020

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