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James McCabe


Original story culture for people and organizations


Award-winning Oxford doctorate and twenty-five years global business experience. Born in Dublin, James was educated at University College Dublin and St John's College Oxford where he studied language, literature and creative writing.


After transitioning into the corporate arena in the last Nineties, James developed a unique method of narrative pathfinding that has been applied to dozens of enterprises internationally - from technology startups to global industrial players. James was first published at the age of twelve and remains an active creative writer for the page, stage and screen.


He has worked directly with Hollywood story guru Robert McKee and ghostwritten numerous books for others. For Siemens, James helped develop its first ever global marketing campaign - Answers - as well as its digital ecosystem narrative MindSphere.


He has delivered around 500 projects for over 60 organizations and is currently completing his own book on business storytelling. 

More info:

The Story Doctor James McCabe is a unique hybrid in the corporate space - blending the classical story design of the art world with complex business challenges to grow human attention across any audience, long-term client memory and lifetime customer relationship. 

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