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Experts are the core of the knowledge economy, and as a knowledge or ideas-based company, yours is stock full of them.


But are your experts enabled experts? Are they sharing their ideas in writing in ways that make them accessible to the global audience you already have, for instance on LinkedIn? 

We have seen it over and over again: Experts with great ideas and solutions for pressing problems are not being heard because of academic and salesy writing, while people with little expertise hog the microphone. Go figure.

At the Institute for Thought Leadership, we’re out to flip this dynamic on its head. We want to empower your experts – your entire workforce – to become thought leaders.

Introducing the Write Like a Thought Leader workshops that take your experts through the three steps to thought-leadership writing:

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Stephanie Huhn.jpg

Stephanie Huhn

I liked the mix between theory and then diving right into practicing and using what we just learned, which is for me the best way to do it.


David Bimou.jpg

David Bimou,

Co-Founder Bil Consulting

I learned the strategies to write a good article and how to convey my thoughts in a comprehensive way.


Robin Athey,

Leadership Coach


I liked the structure, flow and mix of exercises, and the time we had in the breakout was so useful. I feel clearer about my angle and lead.


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