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Stories waiting in the wings to be found

Updated: Feb 1

As a journalist, I usually think in story.

This means that for most of my life, I see a subject, I meet a person, I hear an idea, and I'm already thinking of the headline for my story.

It is simply normal for me to see the landscape of my life and experience as the fertile ground for finding stories.

I would storify long before that word was made common by the now defunct chronology and curation service on the web.

I suspect that this is the case for a majority of people working in editorial jobs. Storifying makes the world so exciting to me. I remember thinking that I could run a small news agency from the hallways of my graduate school - we had so many amazing speakers who were leaders of their countries or fields, dissidents or activists.

Each person, each event could be a new story. Darn, why did I have to use my time to study?

I think your business can be the same.

There are so many stories waiting in the wings.

They are stories that want to be found.

Stories that want to be written. Story framing and story finding are closely linked.

More here in my article on story framing

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