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The Case for Empowering Subject-Matter Experts in the Era of AI

Updated: 6 days ago

By Rhea Wessel

I believe there are two types of people in the world: those who have been bitten by a big idea and those who haven't yet felt its sting.

Who are these people who have been bitten?

They are the ones who connect the dots, using keen observation skills to see what others don’t. They sense trends but go beyond just feeling them—they can name them as they emerge.

Often considered thought leaders, these individuals move from initial insights to defining, codifying, and spreading their ideas. And now, with the advent of generative AI like ChatGPT, these thought leaders have unprecedented tools in their hands to gain insights and reach even wider audiences.

Ladies and gentlemen, the world is full of significant problems that are clearly visible all around us.

But it's also full of big solutions. We have countless ideas for solving our problems—they're just not being heard.

These ideas are stuck in the heads of experts who are, quite simply, too experty. Trained to articulate in an academic style, their insights remain inaccessible.

That’s the dilemma we face today in a world where everyone can publish globally at the push of a button, and where AI can help distill complex ideas into accessible narratives.

The people who are good at pushing the button often dominate the conversation.

Not the ones with substantial ideas—those who have deeply contemplated solutions to our biggest challenges.

I believe that by empowering subject-matter experts—by helping them become story-smart and articulate their ideas in an accessible way with the aid of AI—we can take a significant step toward solving the world's biggest problems.

Generative AI and Subject-Matter Expertise

Generative AI can serve as a catalyst, enabling experts to translate their deep knowledge into compelling stories. AI tools can help structure their thoughts, draft initial versions of their writings, and even simulate conversations to refine their communication.

Imagine if all that thinking was being externalized in a way that it was serving others?

Imagine how many more options we would have to tackle big problems.

I am dedicated to making the world's experts story-smart. It was not in my plans, but now I'm doing this with the help of AI.

You can help, too. You are part of this solution.

If you’ve been bitten by a great idea, but it’s still stuck in your head, now is the time to let it take form and fly. AI can assist you in this journey, providing the tools to shape and share your insights.

If you haven’t been bitten yet, you also have work to do: Each person is a petri dish for ideas. If you cultivate a fertile mind, I assure you, you will be bitten, too.

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